NatureBound supplies a range of services over the wider employee spectrum, including mining and industrial sites.

In all activities, from domestic workers, gardeners and cleaners, to heavy engineering and mining, workers are exposed to some degree of risk in executing their daily tasks. The aim of our service is to protect the wellbeing of any worker’s health by performing detailed audits and measurements to determine the level of risks involved, so that any worker can enjoy a healthy retirement period at the end of his or her working career.

We are convinced that this aim is achievable. In this process, management or process owners are even more at risk, as local legislation puts the blame of anything that goes wrong on the Manager. In order to protect such Managers, an Occupational Hygiene audit report is proof that the working conditions under the employer’s area of responsibility indicated certain working conditions.

For example, should a worker claims for noise induced hearing loss and the Occupational Hygiene report shows that his normal working activity is not a hazard in this regard, such claim will not be granted. On the other hand, should such worker claim and there was no report of the actual working condition, management will have difficulty to defend such claim in court.

The service NatureBound provides thus cuts in two directions. We defend the employee by exposing the actual working conditions in report form to management, but is more management orientated because we understand the dynamics of an employer who have to balance the labour demands and the financial constraints.

More details are given below in the different sectors.