Wine and bottling process plants

Bottling plants are operated in clinically conditions for obvious reasons. However, Occupational Hygiene risks like inadequate or inappropriate placed illumination, and high noise or even frequent high noise peaks and impulses influence the wellbeing of workers on the long run.

Some bottling plants require the process to be performed in cold or even chilled circumstances. Such working conditions should be documented in a code of practice that specifies the procedures to be followed to ensure workers health is not influenced.

It is impractical to use natural through ventilation in a bottling plant due to the risks of having insects and other undesirable elements entering the bottling environment. Thus the building is permanently ventilated with air conditioners, and most thereof do not have a replacement air inlet facility. The same air is used over and over again, and this could lead to bacterial infections depending on the air conditioning system.

All these factors are included in the Occupational Hygiene survey / audit done in a bottling plant.