The Importance of Occupational Hygiene in the Workplace

Part of managing any productive working environment is successfully managing occupational hygiene. Occupational hygiene uses engineering and science to preventill health caused by the very same environment people work in, to reduce employee injury and illness. This is a crucial part of any working environment and should be properly managed by a professional team.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that work-related accidents and illnesses annually take 2 million lives and cost the global economy an estimated US$1.25 trillion. This shows just how important occupational hygiene is. Here are a few benefits of managing your working environment effectively:

  • It improves worker health and increases life expectancy
  • It reduces the number of people who have to leave employment early
  • It lowers social and healthcare costs
  • It maximises worker potential
  • It allows for an efficient working process and increased productivity

Occupational hygiene training is extremely important; not only will your workforce be more protected but your business will benefit from improved work processes and a lower liability risk. With the help of a professional team and a few simple changes you can make your entire working environment safer and more productive.

NatureBound is a leading provider of professional occupational hygiene training and we can apply techniques and principles to your workforce and form a goodfoundation of wellbeing and hygiene to improve all aspects of your workplace.